quinta-feira, 30 de agosto de 2007

Uma verdadeira pérola...

... que ouvi no outro dia, aqui fica a letra e o vídeo desta canção dedicada a esses fantásticos profissionais de saúde!

"Mr Pharmacist - Fall"
Mr pharmacist
Can you help me out today
In your usual lovely way
Oh mr pharmacist I insist
That you give me some of that vitamin c
Mr pharmacist
Dear pharmacist won’t you please
Give me some energy
Mr pharmacist
Hey mr pharmacist
I’ll recommend you to my friends
They’ll be happy in the end
Mr pharmacist can you help
Send me on a ’delic kick
Mr pharmacist
Dear pharmacist use your mind
You better stock me up for the wintertime
Mr pharmacist
Hey mr pharmacist
Words cannot express
Feeling I suggest
Oh mr pharmacist I can plead
Gimme some of that powder I need
Mr pharmacist
Dear pharmacist I’ll be back
With a handful of empty sack
Mr pharmacist

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