domingo, 29 de abril de 2007

By starlight I'll kiss you
And promise to be your one and only
I'll make you feel happy
And leave you to be lost in mine
And where will we go, what will we do?
Soon said I, will knowDead eyes, are you just like me?
Cause her eyes were as vacant as the seas
Dead eyes, are you just like me?
And all along, we knew we'd carry on
Just to belong
By starlight I know you
As lovely as a wish granted true
My life has been empty, my life has been untrue
And does she really know, who I really am?
Does she really know me at last
Dead eyes, are you just like me?

(The Smashing Pumpkins)

4 comentários:

Andie disse...

durante anos a fio, esta foi a uma das poucas músicas preferidas da minha lista mt restrita! :) Até ao piano me sentei a tentar tocá-la...


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Anónimo disse...
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